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CLUB DRIVEL: September 2015

It's the third edition of CLUB DRIVEL! Read the column after the jump, or you can stream the full list in the 8tracks widget above or view the entries on Resident Advisor, Spotify, or Beatport if that's your thing.

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CLUB DRIVEL: August 2015

Post-punk, freestyle, ambient techno, and Detroit techno walked into a bar...

It's the second edition of CLUB DRIVEL! Read the column after the jump, or you can stream the full list in the 8tracks widget above or view the entries on Resident Advisor, Spotify, or Beatport if that's your thing.

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ANTS Podcast #034: 1080p Spotlight

Vancouver-based tape label 1080p has been one of the most covered if not the most covered label on AiMT over the past couple of years, so it's only right that I give it a proper spotlight in the form of this 50-minute mixed tribute sampler, which features all dance and experimental material from the label's 2015 catalog.

  1. Scientific Dreamz of U - "Sacred Fractal Geometry"
  2. Saffron ft. Momo Ishiguro & Gregory Wikstrom - "Blueland"
  3. Wywy Brix - "Polydactyl"
  4. Neu Balance - "Restate (Dance Edit)"
  5. Journeymann Trax ft. Khotin - "Arboreal Harp Jam"
  6. Feingold - "Palo Santo"
  7. RAMZI - "Land of Kush"
  8. Nap - "Urban Fare" . . . . . . . . . . .
  9. Project Pablo - "Sky Lounge"
  10. SurfinG - "Creep Freak"
  11. Keita Sano - "Onion Slice"

CLUB DRIVEL: July 2015

After three and a half years of keeping up a monthly dance chart, I've decided do a little re-branding. CLUB DRIVEL is now what I'm calling the chart, and it will double as a column. I was once an aspiring music writer, so this is something of a return to form for me. With all the hours I spend compiling these charts, I figure there's no reason not to spend a bit more time and write up each track. Write-ups should make the whole thing a bit more useful and visible, and that's a challenge I'm up for. It will be a work in progress for some time to come, but hopefully within a year's time, I will have many of the kinks worked out in terms of formatting, branding, etc.

I will continue posting playlists of the chart in the usual places (8tracks, Spotify, Resident Advisor, and Beatport). So if you're accustomed to streaming the chart, not much will change for you.

If you have followed my charts in the past, I ask that you please blast this around social media and help me get the word out. It would be much appreciated. And now, on with the show.

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Best Dance Songs of 2015 (First Half)

Alternate playlist on Spotify
The time has come to sift through all my dance charts from the first half of 2015 and pare it down to the best of the best—the songs that that are the most unique, adventurous, boundary-pushing, and have kept on giving month after month. Like last year, this year seems to be devoid of any one central theme. Many genres are represented. Electronic dance music seems to be as splintered and disparate as ever (and that's how it should be).

Check the SoundCloud playlist above for easy consumption or an abridged Spotify playlist if you prefer.

Click the thumbnails for streams:

25. Slackk - "Saigon" [R&S Records]

24. Photonz - "Basik" [Crème Organization]

23. Nidia Minaj ft. DJ Olifox - "House Kaliente" [Principe Discos]

22. Finn - "Only Boy (Strict Face's Forever Your Papi Remix)" [Local Action Records]

21. Rising Sun Systems - "Freebasin' for David Bohm" [Nightwind Records]

20. No Zu - "Medusa Beat" [Home Loan Records]

19. ALSO - "Formation" [R&S Records]

18. Niagara - "Arruda" [Principe Discos]

17. Da Multi Snake - "Ndaheni" [Shangaan BANG!]

16. JLin ft. Holly Herndon - "Expand" [Planet Mu]

15. Maxo - "Eddy Vancouver" [Activia Benz]

14. A. G. Cook - "What I Mean" [Annie Mac Presents]

13. Luca Lozano - "Come With Me" [Unknown to the Unknown]

12. Model 500 - "Hi NRG" [Metroplex]

11. Chris Brown - "Loyal (Murlo Refix)" [Mixpak]

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Best Dance Songs: June 2015

  1. Dux Content - "Snow Globe" [PC Music]
  2. Joshua Morse - "Cityscapes" [S/R]
  3. Slackk - "Saigon" [R&S Records]
  4. Throwing Shade - "4eva Fate" [No Pain in Pop]
  5. Jamie xx - "Gosh" [Young Turks Recordings]
  6. Planète - "Diagonal" [TEEF Records]
  7. Terron - "No 29 Pareto 20/80" [Whities Records]
  8. Wywy Brix - "Polydactyl" [1080p]
  9. Seaside Houz Boys - "Deepness of X70002" [Hot Haus Recs]
  10. Anton Zap - "One Week" [Apollo Records]
Baby Armie's dance charts are also available on Resident Advisor. Variations are available on Spotify and Beatport.

Armchair Backlog, 2015 Q2

Here's my spotlight on the past quarter's subdued musical offerings in quarterly Armchair Backlog series for ANTS Podcast.

  1. Taragana Pyjarama - "Together" [True Panther Sounds]
  2. Lifted - "Medicated Yoga" [PAN]
  3. Robag Wruhme - "Anton II" [Pampa Records]
  4. Iglew - "Urban Myth" [Gobstopper Records]
  5. Foodman - "Awa Buro" [Orange Milk Records]
  6. Suzanne Kraft - "Renee Sleeping" [Melody As Truth]
  7. Lindsay Lowend - "June 17" [S/R]
  8. Deadboy - "I Will Let His Ocean Flow Through Me" [Local Action Records]
  9. Kit Grill - "Information" [Primary Colours Records]
  10. Lee Bannon - "Artificial Statsis" [Ninja Tune]
  11. Doline - "Cus d'Amato" [Sound Pellegrino]
  12. May Roosevelt - "Fallin' (Twin Peaks Cover)" [S/R]
  13. Dark0 - "The Past" [Rinse]
  14. Pale Blue - "The Scars" [Captured Tracks]

Best Dance Songs: May 2015

  1. Deadboy - "White Moon Garden" [Local Action Records]
  2. Akasha System - "Parasail Coast" [S/R]
  3. Niagara - "Arruda" [Príncipe Discos]
  4. No Zu - "Medusa Beat" [Home Loan Records]
  5. Callosum - "Overture" [Car Crash Set]
  6. Doline - "Elusive" [Sound Pellegrino]
  7. Lixo - "Splurger" [S/R]
  8. Liar - "Enoch Dub" [Infinite Machine]
  9. DJ Big Vado ft. DJ Estraga - "Camarate" [Warp Records]
  10. The Cyclist - "Higher Volumes" [Music/Is/for/Losers]
Baby Armie's dance charts are also available on Resident Advisor. Variations are available on Spotify and Beatport.

Baby Armie - THUMP's Built for the Chill (The Lost Episode)

This is a mix I created for THUMP's Built for the Chill series about nine months ago. Unfortunately the series got canned due to SoundCloud takedowns right before this mix was scheduled to publish. It would have been pretty huge for a lowly small-town hobbyist DJ/blogger/podcaster like myself to have one of my mixes hosted by the VICE network. So I'm a bit bummed to share the mix in this manner, but I'm also happy to finally get it out there.

Thematically it's very much a mishmash of the a lot of the quieter, gentler mixes I've made for my podcast and other entities over the past few years: some vintage ambient, prog, new age, exotica, and soft pop alongside a few newer tracks. Do enjoy.

  1. Cults Percussion Ensemble - "Circles" [Highland Recording Studio, 1976]
  2. Björn Olsson - "Mellanspel" [Omplatten, 1999]
  3. Orcas - "Petrichor" [Morr Music, 2014]
  4. Weather Report - "Scarlet Woman" [Columbia, 1974]
  5. Vangelis Katsoulis - "Overdrive" [Utopia, 1988]
  6. Rodion G.A. - "Longing for Home" [Animafilm Studio, 1984]
  7. Korla Pandit - "Magnetic Theme" [Fantasy, 1962]
  8. Larry Heard - "Faint Object Detection" [Black Market International, 1996]
  9. Mark Barrott - "Back to the Sea" [International Feel, 2014]
  10. China Crisis - "Jean Walks in Fresh Fields" [Virgin Records, 1982]
  11. Fhloston Paradigm - "Tension Remains" [Hyperdub, 2014]
  12. David Bowie - "Subterraneans" [RCA Victor, 1977]
  13. Young Marco - "Out of Wind" [ESP Institute]
  14. Eric Serra - "Synchronised Instant" [Virgin Records, 1988]
  15. Biosphere - "Juno" [Biophon Records, 199?]
  16. Tak Shindo - "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" [Mercury, 1962]
  17. Francis Monkman - "Getting Ready" [Bruton Music, 1978]
  18. Eric Malmberg - "Verjaget" [Häpna, 2005]
  19. Lewis - "Thought the World of You" [R.A.W. Records, 1983]
  20. Jóhann Jóhannsson - "Bad" [Touch, 2002]

ANTS Podcast #033.5: Mike & Rich — Beatless Ambient Demos

I can still very vividly recall the first time I heard ambient music. It was during my teenage years. I popped in the record store at our local mall—a Sam Goody or something like that—and picked up Selected Ambient Works, Vol. II by Aphex Twin. I had read about ambient but had never actually heard it. I remember being very surprised and delighted to find this album at such a small shop in our relatively small town. (Mind you, this was in the mid '90s, so music consumption via the internet wasn't really a thing except for the tech elite.)

I wandered back to the car, popped in the CD, and was absolutely mesmerized and transplanted by what I heard. The dark, eerie vibes of SAW2 aren't exactly the ideal introduction to the genre, but I managed to gulp it all down without any trouble. From that moment forward, I knew this music would be a passion of mine. And fittingly, the SAW duology is some of the most celebrated and sought after material in Richard D. James' (aka Aphex Twin's) catalog.

However his ambient work at large is scarce in comparison to his vastly more plentiful beat-centric material. When James shocked the electronic music world earlier this year by leaking 175 previously unreleased and unheard early demos on SoundCloud, it was no big surprise that ambient music made up a tiny fraction of the flood. Not that I'm complaining—this clutch of tracks is an absolute treasure—but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't hoping for more SAW2-style ambient out of the whole ordeal. After all that's the era of his career that shaped me the most.

I've noticed that many of the fan mixes dedicated to the flood—both simple SoundCloud sets and intricate DJ sets alike—seem to favor James' SAW1-era ambient techno tracks over the beatless tracks more akin to SAW2. (Even James put together a SoundCloud playlist entitled SAW 1.5, which is all techno.) But since I'm clearly biased toward his beatless efforts, those were my focus for this podcast. Luckily James' friend and collaborator Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq) followed James' lead and leaked 156 of his own demos, which include a few beatless numbers. The combined beatless efforts of the two producers exceeds an hour, and it makes for good album-style listening. This may be the closest thing we'll ever get to another SAW2-style album out of RDJ, so let's savor these selections.

For further listening, check my spotlight on Paradinas' ambient work here.

  1. user48736353001 - "11 early morning clissold"
  2. µ-Ziq - "Sleep"
  3. AFX - "th1 [slo]"
  4. user48736353001 - "19 ssnb"
  5. µ-Ziq - "Auqeamb"
  6. user48736353001 - "5 just fall asleep"
  7. user48736353001 - "33 SAW II un stabbing interview"
  8. µ-Ziq - "Iesope"
  9. user48736353001 - "9 un chopped f beginning [SAWII un]"
  10. user48736353001 - "8 lush ambulance 2"
  11. µ-Ziq - "Schnusschen"
  12. user48736353001 - "35 SAW II un road shimmer f"
  13. AFX - "blue carpet"
  14. Mike Paradinas - "Synthony No.1"
  15. Mike Paradinas - "Orch"
  16. AFX - "avril altdelay"
  17. AFX - "Rhubarb Orc. 19.53 Rev" . . . . . . . . . . .