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Best Dance Songs of 2013

image by Harry Borgman
2013 was a year. It happened. Here are my favorite electronic dance songs from said year. You can stream most of these entries on this Spotify playlist. Or you can check out the following two-hour continuous mix, which features many of the entries plus a few that didn't make the list:

Best Dance Songs of 2013: Live on Framed.Fm (mixed by Baby Armie)

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Best Ambient Albums of 2013

image by Peter Haars
The '10s have proven to be bountiful in the realm of ambient music, and 2013 has been no exception. I've included a two-hour playlist of tracks culled from these entries below. (Please note: If you want to follow along with what track is being played while you listen, I'd recommend the Mixcloud stream.)

Best Ambient of 2013 Playlist:

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