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New 607 album: NerdFromTheHood

A few years back, Little Rock rap mainstay 607 began scaling back his frenzied album release schedule. In the '00s he was known for dropping as many as four per year. In 2010 he rolled out three albums under the earFear guise, which is a collaboration with his brother Bobby. 2011 yielded another earFear album along with a 607 solo album. And since 2012 he's shrunk his output down to a manageable one album per year. The results have been largely favorable. Don't get me wrong—hearing a new Lord Six project every few months had its merits, but the new Six is more refined and more calculated. The time and care put into last year's YIK3LIF3! and the brand new NerdFromTheHood is very evident.

The latter, his 39th album which dropped earlier today, is chockfull of variety in terms of topics and directions from song to song. Eclectic albums are nothing new for 607, but the quality and maturity in dealing with such is what sets this album apart from his work in previous years. He jumps from lap dances on "Give It Up" to heart-wrenching social commentary on the chilling "Let's Talk About It," and he's clearly comfortable every/anywhere in between.

It's also notable that this is Six's first album since his viral Worldstar smash, "Block Monster," which garnered over 3.6 million views earlier this year.

Anyway I'll be bumping this for months to come, and I encourage you to do the same. And while you're at it, check the NerdFromTheHood promo vids and don't forget the 607 Flip Pack compilation I put up on the AiMT SoundCloud a while back.


607 announces he's no longer releasing music

Longtime AiMT favorite 607 sent a ripple through the AR hip-hop community earlier this week when he announced that he will no longer release music. Today he clarified that he's not retiring from music—he's just putting the music on hold and trying to get a proper budget together for his next project. I support Lord Six's decision to slow things down and explore other avenues. Here's hoping he makes that dough and comes back soon.

Long-known for his unyielding work ethic, 607 recorded 37 albums over he past 12 years—that's three albums per year on average. Since summer of 2010, he has recorded one solo album and four EarFear albums. (EarFear is his duo with his brother Bobby.) As a parting gift, he's made all five albums available for free download for a limited time. Get them all here and here.

On top of that, Lord Six gave me permission to upload the flips he did for AiMT onto a SoundCloud set. He's submitted 12 flips since 2009. His take on Crookers' "What Up Y'all" made it to #2 on Hype Machine. His flip of Rich Boy's "Drop" got reblogged by Mad Decent. And his verse on a Diplo beat placed #2 in Mad Decent's Makin Xmas competition.

This SoundCloud set features 10 flips. You can download all 12 here.

More 607 goodies after the jump.

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earFear [ft. Jessica Lauren] - "Money"

photo by Eli Patterson
Back in June, Little Rock's premier hip-hop duo earFear dropped Art Class, which AiMT has proudly sported as a streaming widget on the side bar. Around that same time of the album's release, earFear member and AiMT regular 607 sent me his marvelous flip of Diplo and Douster's "On!," which you can peep below. Upon receiving it, I tucked the MP3 away in some obscure folder and pitifully forgot about it. Meanwhile, earFear has managed to complete another full album, which is slated to drop on Halloween. It will be earFear's third album in the last 10 months.

What I want you to take away from this story is that it takes me longer to post an MP3 than it takes earFear to complete an entire album. So to celebrate earFear's beyond-diligent work ethic (and AiMT's non-existent time management skills), here is a long-overdue selection from their awesome (and still new) album, Art Class. You can cop the album for $10 over on their Bandcamp page.


And here's the "On!" flip:

BONUS: Diplo & Douster - "On! (607 Flip)"


And here's a full version for any DJs who may want to play it out. Watch for earFear's next album on Halloween!

earFear - "Facebook  Fraud"

Veteran Arkansas rapper and recurring AiMT favorite 607 has just dropped an album with his brother Bobby for the New Year. The duo goes by earFear these days. They put out a pair of albums back in the summer, and this new album, G33KS G0N3 W​!​LD, marks 607's—drum roll—35th album, complete with a Devin the Dude feature. Stream the whole thing over on the sidebar or over at earFear's BandCamp page.

If you read AiMT with much regularity, you probably already have the skinny on Lord Six, so I'll spare you the long bio. But dude's been crushing it in Little Rock for just about as long as my adult brain can remember, and this track may be his catchiest, most noteworthy one to date. Honest viral potential here:


Get another 607 goody after the jump.

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EarFear - "You Don't Count"

607607 speaking at Harvard Law
2009 saw Little Rock rapper and AiMT BFF 607 unleash a small frenzy of flips and remixes on the web. (Download them all after the jump.) This little treasure trove kicked up quite a bit of blog buzz, getting him some shine on Mad Decent along with a chart-topping entry on Hype Machine. Luckily Lord Six tells me that he's wanting to get back on the remix grind, so hopefully we can expect some more eventually.

In his time off from recording remixes, Six hasn't exactly been slacking. He reunited with his brother Bobby (formerly known as Morbid) and recorded two full albums (both of which you can cop over at their Bandcamp page). Years back, they recorded and performed as Trauma Team, but these days they're calling themselves EarFear. Speaking on their two albums, Six describes one as "aggressive" (The Ignit Truth) and the other "calm" (Altar Call). Here's a cut off the former:



Stream both EarFear albums and get more 607 goodies after the jump.

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Basement Jaxx [ft. 607 & Bobby] - "Raindrops (Joker & Ginz Remix) (607 Flip)"


Ah, the glory days...early 2009. Back then, I was posting a new 607 flip every few weeks. But after a few months of keeping our supply steady and thoroughly whetting our appetites, Lord Six split to Russia for a minute, and the flip flood came to a sad, unwelcome halt. Luckily 607 has been recording with his brother Bobby (aka Mr. Morbid) throughout this interim. He's got a new 17-track album out titled Ear Fear, and you can cop it here.

He actually sent me this flip of Joker & Ginz's remix of "Raindrops" two months ago, so my bad for just now getting around to sharing it. It's on the album:

Click through to stream


In other Lord Six news, he came in second place in Diplo's Makin' Christmas contest over on Mad Decent. He got beat out by Milonakis, which—don't get me wrong—I loves some Schmiloschmakis, but damn. Our boy Six took that. Let's be rill.

La Roux [ft. 607, Bobby, Matt Hemerlein & Michael Jackson] - "Bulletproof (Nacey Remix / 607 Rework)"

photo by Bo Counts

AiMT and 607 have had at least one thing in common lately: hiatus. My post count has fallen off exponentially in the past two months or so, and 607's famed spell of adventurous flips ended back in April.

Luckily Lord Six is getting back into the studio and churning out some new heat. This is his latest, a rework of Nacey's "Bulletproof" remix. It's also a functional miniaturized MJ tribute. (The end of the rework incorporates a snippet of "Stranger in Moscow.") It's perhaps his best flip yet:

Download [Direct]

Way back when, 607 recorded and performed with his younger brother Bobby (formerly known as Morbid), and together they were known as Trauma Team. Bobby is on the second verse here, so this one's for you old school 607/Trauma enthusiasts.

Pick up 607's latest album here.

607 & Britney Spears - "Down With Brown ('Blur' Flip)"
Rich Boy [ft. 607] - "Drop (Remix)"
607 - "Hitchhike Satellite"
Animal Collective [ft. 607] - "Taste (Remix)"
Röyksopp [ft. 607] - "Happy Up Here (Remix)"
Crookers - "What Up Y'all (607 Freestyle)"

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