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Best Dance Songs of 2016

Ink, oil, and soap art by Ruslan Khasanov
Here are my 40 favorite dance tracks of the year in no particular order.

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  1. Jessy Lanza - "Oh No" [Hyperdub]
  2. Jay Daniel - "Paradise Valley" [Technicolour]
  3. Avalon Emerson - "The Frontier" [Whities Records]
  4. Harmonious Thelonious - "Uhura" [Italic Recordings]
  5. Leonce - "Marimba Track" [Fade to Mind]
  6. Pantha Du Prince ft. Queens - "The Winter Hymn" [Rough Trade Records]
  7. Peggy Gou - "Rose" [Technicolour]
  8. John Roberts - "Six" [Brunette Editions]
  9. Dawn Richard - "Black Crimes" [Local Action Records]
  10. Deadboy - "Glass Lake" [Ten Thousand Yen]
  11. Duke High - "Greenleaf" [Rhythm Section International]
  12. Ase Manual ft. J Heat & El Blanco Nino - "Jungle Heaven" [Like That Records]
  13. Danny L Carle ft. Carly Rae Jepsen - "Super Natural" [PC Music]
  14. Tevo Howard - "Brother to Brother (Underground Mix)" [S/R]
  15. Project Pablo - "Beaubien Dream" [Sound of Beaubien Ouest]
  16. Kiani & His Legend - "Electric (Fatima Yamaha Remix)" [Something Happening Somewhere]
  17. Reckonwrong - "Getting Warmer (Hot Mix)" [Whities Records]
  18. Kornel Kovacs - "Dollar Club" [Studio Barnhus]
  19. Akasha System - "Afterimage" [100% Silk]
  20. Telepathe - "Lover's Gaze" [Dream Catalogue]
  21. DBM - "Halo" [S/R]
  22. DJ Zozi - "Zozi Theme" [1080p]
  23. Weval - "You're Mine" [Kompakt]
  24. Toby Gale - "Jet" [Apothecary Compositions]
  25. Perfume Advert - "Gown" [1080p]
  26. Kingdom - "Shox" [Fade to Mind]
  27. Jayda G - "Heaven Could Be Lately" [1080p]
  28. Mind Lotion - "Astro Girl" [Antinote]
  29. rRoxymore - "Organ Smith" [Don't Be Afraid Recordings]
  30. DJ Marfox - "Tarraxo Everyday" [Principe Discos]
  31. Blood Orange ft. Empress Of - "Best to You" [Domino Recordings]
  32. Nite-Funk - "Let Me Be Me" [Glydezone Recordings]
  33. D.K. - "Raindrops" [Antinote]
  34. Jessy Lanza - "VV Violence" [Hyperdub]
  35. Stephen Lopkin - "Och Aye the Noo" [MOS Recordings]
  36. Massimiliano Pagliara - "Trying to Hide but Then I Cried" [Uncanny Valley]
  37. Mr. Fingers - "Aether" [Alleviated Records]
  38. Chinaski - "Disaster" [Uncanny Valley]
  39. The Gasman - "Color" [Onomatopoeia Records]
  40. Feels - "Expedition" [Naked Naked Records]

Armchair Backlog, 2016 Q1

The first quarter's best offerings in subdued music.

  1. Fatima Al Qadiri - "Power" [Hyperdub]
  2. Dorisburg - "Sagofabrik" [Hivern Discs]
  3. Andrew Cosentino - "Event of Default" [Hush Hush]
  4. Mary Lattimore - "The Quiet at Night" [Ghostly International]
  5. Phaeleh - "All That Remains" [Undertow]
  6. Wilson Tanner - "Long Water" [Growing Bin Records]
  7. Dawn Richard - "Not Above That (Deadboy Remix)" [Local Action Records]
  8. D.K. - "Evening Shadows" [Antinote]
  9. Anenon - "Body" [Friends of Friends]
  10. Max Casacci & Daniele Mana - "Like a Glass Angel" [Bad Panda]
  11. Imaginary Softwoods - "The Imminent Collapse Department" [S/R]
  12. Throwing Shade - "Underneath My Eyelids" [Ninja Tune]
  13. Tim Hecker - "Violet Monumental II" [4AD]
  14. Ex-Terrestrial - "Paraworld" [1080p]

Best Dance Songs of 2015 (First Half)

Alternate playlist on Spotify
The time has come to sift through all my dance charts from the first half of 2015 and pare it down to the best of the best—the songs that that are the most unique, adventurous, boundary-pushing, and have kept on giving month after month. Like last year, this year seems to be devoid of any one central theme. Many genres are represented. Electronic dance music seems to be as splintered and disparate as ever (and that's how it should be).

Check the SoundCloud playlist above for easy consumption or an abridged Spotify playlist if you prefer.

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25. Slackk - "Saigon" [R&S Records]

24. Photonz - "Basik" [Crème Organization]

23. Nidia Minaj ft. DJ Olifox - "House Kaliente" [Principe Discos]

22. Finn - "Only Boy (Strict Face's Forever Your Papi Remix)" [Local Action Records]

21. Rising Sun Systems - "Freebasin' for David Bohm" [Nightwind Records]

20. No Zu - "Medusa Beat" [Home Loan Records]

19. ALSO - "Formation" [R&S Records]

18. Niagara - "Arruda" [Principe Discos]

17. Da Multi Snake - "Ndaheni" [Shangaan BANG!]

16. JLin ft. Holly Herndon - "Expand" [Planet Mu]

15. Maxo - "Eddy Vancouver" [Activia Benz]

14. A. G. Cook - "What I Mean" [Annie Mac Presents]

13. Luca Lozano - "Come With Me" [Unknown to the Unknown]

12. Model 500 - "Hi NRG" [Metroplex]

11. Chris Brown - "Loyal (Murlo Refix)" [Mixpak]

Full list after the jump.

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Armchair Backlog, 2015 Q2

Here's my spotlight on the past quarter's subdued musical offerings in quarterly Armchair Backlog series for ANTS Podcast.

  1. Taragana Pyjarama - "Together" [True Panther Sounds]
  2. Lifted - "Medicated Yoga" [PAN]
  3. Robag Wruhme - "Anton II" [Pampa Records]
  4. Iglew - "Urban Myth" [Gobstopper Records]
  5. Foodman - "Awa Buro" [Orange Milk Records]
  6. Suzanne Kraft - "Renee Sleeping" [Melody As Truth]
  7. Lindsay Lowend - "June 17" [S/R]
  8. Deadboy - "I Will Let His Ocean Flow Through Me" [Local Action Records]
  9. Kit Grill - "Information" [Primary Colours Records]
  10. Lee Bannon - "Artificial Statsis" [Ninja Tune]
  11. Doline - "Cus d'Amato" [Sound Pellegrino]
  12. May Roosevelt - "Fallin' (Twin Peaks Cover)" [S/R]
  13. Dark0 - "The Past" [Rinse]
  14. Pale Blue - "The Scars" [Captured Tracks]

Best Dance Songs: May 2015

  1. Deadboy - "White Moon Garden" [Local Action Records]
  2. Akasha System - "Parasail Coast" [S/R]
  3. Niagara - "Arruda" [Príncipe Discos]
  4. No Zu - "Medusa Beat" [Home Loan Records]
  5. Callosum - "Overture" [Car Crash Set]
  6. Doline - "Elusive" [Sound Pellegrino]
  7. Lixo - "Splurger" [S/R]
  8. Liar - "Enoch Dub" [Infinite Machine]
  9. DJ Big Vado ft. DJ Estraga - "Camarate" [Warp Records]
  10. The Cyclist - "Higher Volumes" [Music/Is/for/Losers]
Baby Armie's dance charts are also available on Resident Advisor. Variations are available on Spotify and Beatport.