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DJ Food - Selected Aphex Works (Solid Steel Radio Show)

If anyone is capable of sorting through, selecting, mixing and audio-documenting the recent pile of Aphex Twin early demos, it's Strictly Kev.


DJ Food - More Volts: The Funky Eno

(via D*ruffalo)

Haven't heard from DJ Food in a minute, but turns out he (they?) has a very attractive blog, a new EP out, and a slick new mix of Eno's funkier work. Check it out here.

Any avid fan of Eno's work will be familiar with most of these selections, but don't let that stop you from hearing the mix. You'll get the occasional vintage Eno interview clip fixed atop the audio as a bonus. The addition of interview clips has always been a DJ Food staple. Not at all mad at this mix.