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The State of Local CD Street Sales with Epiphany and Sean Fresh

Little Rock MC Epiphany and R&B crooner Sean Fresh just launched the I Am the Life blog, which maily deals with celebrity-circuit gossip and commentary but also dips into local matters. This slightly NSFW video finds the two of them in downtown Little Rock examining the state of recession-era local CD hustlin':

Quote of the day:

"I NEED you to buy my CD for like five dollars." - Sean Fresh

In other news, Epiphany has been floating me some of this flips and original tracks lately, so I thought I'd throw them in a zip file for easier consumption. The following joints are included (all NSFW):

• Epiphany [ft. Scotty Su] - "The Come Up"
• Epiphany - "Still 5 on It" [Flip of "I Got 5 on It" by Luniz]
Paul Wall [ft. Webbie & Epiphany] - "Bizzy Body (Remix)"

Download the Zip [Direct]

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The Lil' Rock homie Epiphany has been sending us some freestyles lately, so I thought I'd get those up along with a few other Down South stompers. Our boy 607 should have another remix out to us sometime this week, but I've included an album track to tie you over until then.

All tracks are NSFW:

Rap Inspired by Rap

1. Izza Kizza [ft. David Banner] - "Throw It Up"
2. Epiphany - "Crack a Bottle (Freestyle)"
3. Big K.R.I.T. - "Dat All"
4. 607 - "Hitchhike Satellite"
5. Codac - "You Go Girl"
6. G-Mane [ft. Bentley & ST 2 Lett] - "Hard"
7. Yung Ralph [ft. Big Kuntry] - "Anchorman"
8. Epiphany - "Laura Smith ('I Get It In' Freestyle)"

Arkansas (Piph and Six), Mississippi (Banner and K.R.I.T.), Louisiana (Codac), Alabama (G-Mane) and Georgia (Kizza, Ralph and Kuntry) are all in the building here.

The South ain't sat down yet. Special thanks to NOLA Bounce and Traps 'n Trunks.

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