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New Exit Comp: Mosaic, Vol. 1

Never saw myself doing a drum and bass post, but this new Exit Records comp is on the extreme outer fringes of the genre. (So it's barely a drum and bass post.) In the writeup for Mosaic, Vol. 1, Exit casually calls the comp "drum and bass" a few times over. This has me puzzled. To my highly American and drum-and-bass-shy ears, only five of Mosaic's 20 tracks sound even remotely like the genre. It's much more in the spirit of early '90s Warp ELM/IDM than any drum and bass I'm used to. Plus names like Scuba, Distance and Instra:mental pop up a lot more in the dubstep circuit (at least on my radar).

But I guess none of that is really important. Whatever you want to call it, it's a solid listen through and through. Exit has uploaded two-minute samples of each track from the comp. Stream here: