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Baby Armie - THUMP's Built for the Chill (The Lost Episode)

This is a mix I created for THUMP's Built for the Chill series about nine months ago. Unfortunately the series got canned due to SoundCloud takedowns right before this mix was scheduled to publish. It would have been pretty huge for a lowly small-town hobbyist DJ/blogger/podcaster like myself to have one of my mixes hosted by the VICE network. So I'm a bit bummed to share the mix in this manner, but I'm also happy to finally get it out there.

Thematically it's very much a mishmash of the a lot of the quieter, gentler mixes I've made for my podcast and other entities over the past few years: some vintage ambient, prog, new age, exotica, and soft pop alongside a few newer tracks. Do enjoy.

  1. Cults Percussion Ensemble - "Circles" [Highland Recording Studio, 1976]
  2. Björn Olsson - "Mellanspel" [Omplatten, 1999]
  3. Orcas - "Petrichor" [Morr Music, 2014]
  4. Weather Report - "Scarlet Woman" [Columbia, 1974]
  5. Vangelis Katsoulis - "Overdrive" [Utopia, 1988]
  6. Rodion G.A. - "Longing for Home" [Animafilm Studio, 1984]
  7. Korla Pandit - "Magnetic Theme" [Fantasy, 1962]
  8. Larry Heard - "Faint Object Detection" [Black Market International, 1996]
  9. Mark Barrott - "Back to the Sea" [International Feel, 2014]
  10. China Crisis - "Jean Walks in Fresh Fields" [Virgin Records, 1982]
  11. Fhloston Paradigm - "Tension Remains" [Hyperdub, 2014]
  12. David Bowie - "Subterraneans" [RCA Victor, 1977]
  13. Young Marco - "Out of Wind" [ESP Institute]
  14. Eric Serra - "Synchronised Instant" [Virgin Records, 1988]
  15. Biosphere - "Juno" [Biophon Records, 199?]
  16. Tak Shindo - "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" [Mercury, 1962]
  17. Francis Monkman - "Getting Ready" [Bruton Music, 1978]
  18. Eric Malmberg - "Verjaget" [Häpna, 2005]
  19. Lewis - "Thought the World of You" [R.A.W. Records, 1983]
  20. Jóhann Jóhannsson - "Bad" [Touch, 2002]

Gentle Daps IX: Guest Mix by Ana Cabaleiro

Ana Cabaleiro is a photographer based out of Vigo, Spain. She has fronted the Microphones in the Trees music blog for nearly a decade since its 2005 inception. With a lean toward obscuro strains of ambient and folk, Ana focuses her blogging energies on unearthing lost full lengths via vinyl and cassette rips as well as spotlighting new releases. She posts several times a week, and her own 50- and 100-track quarterly MP3 mixes are bursting at the seams with impossibly rare gems. Given her prolific work on the site and her love for music of the quieter persuasion, I knew she could put together an epic Daps playlist, and she did! Please enjoy, and when you're done, go take a look at Microphones in the Trees if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed.

  1. Joe Veneux - "Ocean" [Chappell Music, 1967]
  2. Bob Kindler - "Music From the Matrix I (Side A Excerpt)" [Jai Ma Music, 1982]
  3. Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble - "Baia" [RCA Victor, 1958]
  4. Eric Vann - "Waterworld" [Coloursound Library, 1982]
  5. Tim Wheater - "Perfumed Garden" [Reflection Records, 1977]
  6. Joël Fajerman - "Plage de Lune" [Carrere, Carrere, 1982]
  7. Inner Travels - "Rising" [S/R, 2014]
  8. Tim Clark - "Rings 3" [Hearts of Space, 1986]
  9. Emerald Web - "Manatee Dreams" [Scarlet Records, 1990]
  10. Camille Sauvage - "Bateau Mouche" [Mondiophone, 197?]
  11. Sergei Nikitin & Tatiana Nikitina - "Ezhik Rezinovyi" [19??]
  12. Heino Jurisalu - "Tantsulugu" [Melodiya, 1977]
  13. James Clarke - "Mountain Scenery" [Bruton Music, 1985]
  14. James Fox & Mac Prindy - "Sea Movement" [Sonoton, 1980]
  15. Jackalope - "Dog Soldier" [Canyon Records, 1992]
  16. Marcey Hamm - "Crossing the Desert" [Music by Marcey, 1987]
  17. Children of Scarfolk Primary School - "In the Playground" [Scarfolk Council, 2013]
  18. Tim Robertson - "Outer Planetary Church Music #3" [S/R, 1993]
  19. Jacques Lasry - "Manège" [BAM, 1965]
  20. Ravi Shankar - "Alice in Wonderland End Titles" [BBC, 1966]

Gentle Daps VII: '50s/'60s Getaway

Gentle Daps typically stays tethered to quiet music of the '70s, '80s, and '90s with occasional jaunts into modern music. For VII, I decided to reach further back on the timeline with a playlist of proto new age and sleepy exotica.

  1. Henry Jacobs - "Chan" [Folkways Records, 1959]
  2. Alejandro Jodorowsky - "Entierro del Primer Juguete" [Apple Records, 1970]
  3. The United States of America - "Cloud Song" [Columbia Records, 1968]
  4. Buddy Cole - "Lucky Me" [Warner Bros. Records, 1962]
  5. Tony Scott - "Sanzen" [Verve Records, 1965]
  6. Les Baxter - "Sunken City" [Capitol Records, 1961]
  7. Mario Nascimbene - "Will You Remember (Instrumental)" [United Artists Records, 1962]
  8. The Wozard of Iz - "I've Been Over the Rainbow" [A&M Records, 1968]
  9. Miles Davis - "In a Silent Way (New Mix)" [Columbia Records, 1969]
  10. The Three Suns - "As Long As I'm Dreaming" [Pickwick Records, 1966]
  11. The Electronic Concept Orchestra - "Windmills of Your Mind" [Limelight Records, 1969]
  12. Sven Libaek - "Peaceful Landscape, Pt. 2" [Festival Records, 1965]
  13. Dorothy Ashby - "Gloomy Sunday" [Argo Records, 1962]