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Best Electronic Albums of 2014

It's January 5, and 2014 already feels like ages ago. But before your interest in the year that was wanes completely, please enjoy the playlist above and blurbs for the top ten entries after the jump.

Don't forget to peep the Best Dance Songs and the Best Ambient Albums list, and stay tuned for Reissues and Hip-Hop Songs, both of which will publish later this week.

Click the thumbnails for snippets and full album streams:

25. DJAO - S/T [Dropping Gems]

24. DJ Spoko - War God [Lit City Trax]

23. Joe Howe - EXEP [Sound Pellegrino]

22. Matt Karmil - ---- [PNN]

21. Para One - Bande de Filles OST [Marble]

20. My Panda Shall Fly - Tropical EP [Soundway Records]

19. Strict Face - Marble Isles EP [Tuff Wax Records]

18. Aphex Twin - Syro [Warp Records]

17. Suicideyear - Remembrance [Software Recording Company]

16. Auscultation - S/T [1080p]

15. Paul White - Shaker Notes [R&S Records]

14. Dynooo - These Flaws Are Mine to War With [Glue Moon Records]

13. Young Marco - Biology [ESP Institute]

12. The Cyclist - Flourish [All City]

11. Rustie - Green Language [Warp Records]

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Mumdance - "Dragon Egg"


Best Dance Songs of 2014

Alternate playlist on Spotify
2014 was not the year of any particular sound or movement in electronic dance music. Instead, variety reigned supreme. This marks the seventh straight year I've compiled end-of-year dance song lists on AiMT, and I can say without reservation that 2014 has offered more than any previous year in terms of dispersive themes, genres, rhythms and influences. Gospel house, orchestral house, EBM, electro, ethereal grime, kuduro, jungle, broken beat, UK bass, footwork, garage, new jack swing, and the newly coined PC Music-helmed "cute" movement are all represented on this list, and all had shining moments.

Check the SoundCloud playlist above for easy consumption or a slightly alternate Spotify playlist if you prefer.

Click the thumbnails for streams:

50. Hackman - "Lost From Me" [Futureboogie Recordings]

49. Auntie Flo & Esa - "Percasio Dub" [S/R]

48. Grenier & Archie Pelago - "Tower of Joined Hand" [Melodic Records]

47. Thug Entrancer - "Death After Life I (The Range Remix)" [Software Recording Co.]

46. DyE ft. The Egyptian Lover - "She's Bad" [Tigersushi Records]

45. Murlo - "Into Mist" [Rinse]

44. DJ Télio - "Maravilhas (Damas da Co do Pecado)" [Príncipe Discos]

43. Coco Bryce - "Pacific" [Myor]

42. DJ Koze ft. Rahel - "Magical Boy (Matthew Herbert's 'Not 'til It Stops Mix')" [Pampa Records]

41. The Gasman - "Fuse" [S/R]

40. Dance System - "Flash Drive" [Clone Jack for Daze]

39. Matrixxman - "Venetian Mask" [Ghostly International]

38. Shackleton - "Silver Keys" [Woe to the Septic Heart]

37. The Cyclist - "Breathless" [All City]

36. My Panda Shall Fly - "Yapeyú" [Soundway Records]

35. Starfoxxx - "Bae HD" [Donky Pitch]

34. Matt Karmil - "Sinkhole" [PNN]

33. Dego & Kaidi - "Don't Remain the Same" [Eglo Records]

32. Liar - "Hyper-Ego" [Infinite Machine]

31. Young Marco - "Sea World" [ESP Institute]

30. Ossie - "Comme Ci, Comme Ça" [S/R]

29. Fantastic Mr Fox - "Broke" [Black Acre]

28. Moon B - "Stank Tartare" [PPU]

27. Hannah Diamond - "Every Night" [PC Music]

26. Banda Westfalica - "Tulum (Castro Remix)" [Man Recordings]

25. Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike - "Lenoix" [Innervisions]

24. Big Spider's Back - "Strawberry Circuit" [Hush Hush Records]

23. Pulse 8 - "Radio Morocco (Acid Arab Reedit)" [S/R]

22. Oobe - "Radiation" [1080p]

21. Strict Face - "New Moonlight" [Tuff Wax Records]

20. Dego - "Nuts!" [Blueberry Records]

19. Sophie - "Lemonade" [Numbers]

18. Protect-U - "Top Hat" [Future Times Records]

17. E.R.P - "Snowday" [Stilleben Records]

16. Grenier & Archie Pelago - "Microfiche Scanning" [Melodic Records]

15. Jeff Fressco - "It Ain't No Shuffle" [Widad Records]

14. A. G. Cook - "Beautiful" [PC Music]

13. Henry Rodrick - "Don't Believe" [Studio Barnhus]

12. Holly Waxwing - "Chalant" [CSCN]

11. Dark0 - "Chaos" [Lost Codes]

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Murlo - "Broken Arrow"


Dark0 - "Sweetboy Tears"


Strict Face - "Rushed"


Best Dance Songs: November 2014

  1. Holly Waxwing - "Chalant" [CSCN]
  2. Jeff Fressco - "It Ain't No Shuffle" [Widad Records]
  3. Murlo - "Into Mist" [Rinse Recordings]
  4. Ñaka Ñaka - "Def Def" [Black Opal]
  5. Jacques Greene - "After Life After Party (Suicideyear Remix)" [LuckyMe]
  6. Junes - "Obicham" [Galdoors]
  7. Legowelt - "Japanese Planetarium" [S/R]
  8. Roche - "Via Portal" [S/R]
  9. Mongo Skato - "Turismoc" [1080p]
  10. Silent Servant - "Speed and Violence" [Cititrax]
Baby Armie's dance charts are also available on Resident Advisor. Variations are available on Spotify and Beatport.

Wild Kid - "New Bethlehem (Celestial Trax Remix)"


Murlo - "Dripstone (The Chase Scene)"


Murlo - "Into Mist" Video