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Baby Armie - n10.as Launch Week Mix, 02/03/2016

n10.as is a new, up and coming internet radio station based out of Montreal. I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute to their launch week programming back in March. Since then they've been killing it with consistently solid programming, as evidenced by the heaps of content on their Mixcloud. Whatever NTS is doing for London, n10.as may end up doing for Montreal. Can't wait to see the station grow and flourish.

I submitted this 50-minute ambient mix as my contribution. It touches on classic drone and new age with newer stuff and some '90s rave-era ambient house to boot.

  1. Michael Stearns - "Star Dreams (Peace Eternal)" [Hearts of Space, 1988]
  2. F.U.S.E. - "Nightdrive" [Plus 8 Records, 1993]
  3. Former Selves - "Selige Sehnsucht" [Carpi Records, 2015]
  4. Paul Horn ft. Joel Andrews - "Dream State" [Golden Flute Records, 1983]
  5. Tim Clark - "Halley's 2" [Hearts of Space, 1986]
  6. The Sabres of Paradise - "Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)" [Warp Records, 1993]
  7. Tim Story - "The Rainy Season Dies Hard" [Cicada Records, 1987]
  8. Les Halles - "Misleading Familiarity" [Noumenal Loom, 2015]
  9. Obconic - "Silica Gel" [Beverage Records, 1996]
  10. David Lange - "Tales of Snow" [Dav'Länge Music, 1985]
  11. The Bionaut - "I Sing the Body Electric" [Harvest, 1995]
  12. Paw Paw - "Bandurria" [Rainbow Pyramid, 2015]
  13. Camel - "After Words" [Decca, 1984]
  14. J. Greinke - "Pillars of Light" [Intrepid, 1985]
  15. Oliwa - "Eras" [Illuminated Paths, 2015]