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Best Ambient Albums of 2016

Ink, oil, and soap art by Ruslan Khasanov
No individual blurbs this year, but I still wanted to get this list out. If you've followed AiMT over the years, you may know that I have covered ambient music pretty extensively/obsessively throughout the 2010s. 2016 continued to build upon the momentum the genre has gained over recent years. With more and more tape labels popping up, the new age revival continuing to flourish, legends like Eno and Suzanne Ciani reclaiming relevancy, mainstream exposure through Stranger Things and other shows and films, and music-making software and hardware becoming more affordable and accessible, 2016 could have very well been the biggest year the genre has seen in its long history. Here are the albums that took the show in my mind.

Above I've included a Spotify playlist of selections from these albums. PRO TIP: If you have trouble loading the playlist in your Spotify app, copy this link and paste it into your Spotify app's search bar.

  1. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani - FRKWYS, Vol. 13: Sunergy [RVNG Intl.]
  2. Les Halles - Transient [Not Not Fun]
  3. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - EARS [Western Vinyl]
  4. Julianna Barwick - Will [Dead Oceans]
  5. Tim Hecker - Love Streams [4AD]
  6. Mark Pritchard - Under the Sun [Warp Records]
  7. Wilson Tanner - 69 [Growing Bin Records]
  8. Percival Pembroke - Arpeggiatorworld [Genot Centre]
  9. Dedekind Cut - $uccessor (ded004) [NON]
  10. Matthewdavid's Mindflight - Trust the Glide and Guide [Leaving Records]
  11. Jan Jelinek & Masayoshi Fujita - Schaum [Faitiche]
  12. Paul Menska - Travel Memoirs [Terminal Dream]
  13. Nomad Ninja - Avond Sluimer [Nightwind Records]
  14. Inner Travels - Clear Seeing [Inner Islands]
  15. Koen Holtkamp - Voice Model [Umor-Rex]
  16. Occult Orientated Crime - Just a Clown on Crack [Dekmantel]
  17. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things Vol. 1 & 2 OST [Lakeshore Records]
  18. Matthew Barlow - Sound Meditations [Sounds of the Dawn]
  19. Slow Attack Ensemble - Soundscapes for the Emotional-Type Listener [Mystic Roses]
  20. Huerco S. - For Those of You Who Have Never (and Also Those Who Have) [Proibito]
  21. Asher Levitas - Lit Harness [Planet Mu]
  22. Jan St. Werner - Felder (Fiepblatter Catalogue #4) [Thrill Jockey Records]
  23. Pay the Rent - Soft on Glass EP [Pay the Rent]
  24. Biosphere - Departed Glories [Smalltown Supersound]
  25. Useless - Hexa [Terminal Dream]

Gentle Daps XXII: Guest Mix by Sunmoonstar

Gainesville, Florida-based producer Natasha Home (aka Sunmoonstar) has been on the Gentle Daps radar since wowing us with a pair of great albums in 2015. Now she has offered up her own entry in the series by blessing us with 93 minutes of ambient and new age splashed with a few bright peaks of experimental pop and classical.

  1. Eberhard Schoener - "Mountain Music"
  2. Suzanne Ciani - "Lumiere"
  3. Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Slat Dance"
  4. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Wetlands"
  5. Susumu Yokota - "Thread Leads to Heaven"
  6. Kitaro - "Lord of Wind"
  7. Corin - "Biomorphism"
  8. Richard Vimal - "Aquarhythmies"
  9. Slapp Happy - "Slow Moons Rose"
  10. Steve Roach - "Empetus IV: Empowerment"
  11. Ivy Meadows - "Balança"
  12. Joanna Brouk - "Maggi's Flute (Mary's Watch, Part Two)"
  13. Alice Coltrane - "Wisdom Eye"
  14. Euglossine - "Tapestry of Nothing"
  15. David Borden - "Esty Point, Summer 1978"
  16. Opaline - "V"
  17. Laura Ortman - "Uyuni"
  18. Uakti - "Wind"
  19. Michael Jon Fink - "Celesta Solo (1981)"
  20. Inner Travels - "VII"
  21. Sunmoonstar - "O3epo"
  22. Endurance - "The New Sun Age"
  23. Joe Hisaishi - "Stones Glowing in the Darkness"
  24. Japanesque - "Jikaku"
  25. Eva Geist - "Il Tuo Sogno Parla"

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Sundry"