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Big Freedia invades Tulsa tonight

Big Freedia at Soundponyphoto by Ryan Murphy
Freddie Ross, aka Big Freedia, is a central player in the modern New Orleans bounce music scene, and she'll be wobblin' through Soundpony tonight in all her glory. The invite-only Facebook event is already 180+ RSVPs deep, so it will be interesting to see exactly how this small bar in downtown Tulsa holds up for peak-hour booty poppin'. Doors at 10!

See/hear lots of Freedia goodies after the jump.

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NOLA bounce set tonight in Fayetteville

Just a quick heads up that I'll be spinning alongside Shortfuze and Bizar tonight at Smoke & Barrel for Shortfuze's Double Tough monthly, and I'll be doing an all New Orleans bounce set from around 11 until midnight. AND I'll be giving out download codes for an accompanying mix. I will only make the mix available to Double Tough attendees (at least for the time being). So I hope to see you out! If I don't, you'll get no bounce murzick :\

I'm very stoked about this. I've got SO MANY tracks to rip through, and I'll be transitioning very quickly, so don't let your ears blink.

Mr. Ghetto - "Walmart" 

This is all my hopes and dreams fulfilled. NSFW.


Cash Money Retrospective on Amoeba

Hot Boys

Just found this very thorough feature on Cash Money's independent years (the '90s) on Amoeba via NOLA Bounce. It's almost a month old but worth a look all the same.

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Sissy Nobby's Birthday Party

Um, did someone say bounce was dead? These videos scream otherwise:

Anyone up for a trek to NOLA next month?

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