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Early Warp Records Flood on eMusic

Warp Records Logo

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Warp Records has just put 17 of its early '90s back catalog full lengths on eMusic . This is a surprising move considering Warp's ownership of the popular MP3 store Bleep. One would think they'd want to keep their digital presence on their own turf.

Oddly enough, I'm now noticing that a large part of their catalog is on Amazon's MP3 store as well. (I would link you, but Amazon MP3 doesn't support browsing by label.)

Warp was formed in '89 at the height of the acid house movement. Its early releases certainly played into that scene, but Warp quickly began to separate itself as a headphone-leaning alternative in a dancefloor-dominated genre.

I did an IDM radio show from 2000 until 2004. By the time the show had run its course, I had grown very weary of that whole glitch electronic sound. I'm only just now beginning to warm up to it again. These songs hit close to home for me. Don't judge.

RAC - "Raindancer" [divShare]
Wildplanet™ - "Hardware Software" [divShare]
Sweet Exorcist - "Mad Jack" [divShare]
LFO - "Simon From Sydney" [divShare]
B12 - "Debris" [divShare]

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