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Big Freedia invades Tulsa tonight

Big Freedia at Soundponyphoto by Ryan Murphy
Freddie Ross, aka Big Freedia, is a central player in the modern New Orleans bounce music scene, and she'll be wobblin' through Soundpony tonight in all her glory. The invite-only Facebook event is already 180+ RSVPs deep, so it will be interesting to see exactly how this small bar in downtown Tulsa holds up for peak-hour booty poppin'. Doors at 10!

See/hear lots of Freedia goodies after the jump.

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Jürgen Müller - Science of the Sea

photo via Just to be clear, there really are no "off-topic" AiMT posts anymore. I quietly made AiMT fully eclectic last year sometime, but I haven't really taken much advantage of the newfound freedom. (That, and I just haven't posted too much.) In any case, that hopefully explains why I'm posting this full album stream by the potentially fictitious Jürgen Müller. It's a new reissue(?) out on Digitalis, which I've just come to find out is based in Tulsa. Good to know such folks live within 100 miles of Fayetteville.

The story goes that Müller was a 30-year-old oceanographer with allegedly little-to-no musical experience when recorded these ambient gems in 1979. He bought some gear and set up a studio on his houseboat, where he cranked out Science of the Sea. If you listen closely, you can hear some potential sonic giveaways that this is a modern recording. Certain parts resonate with suspicious clarity, and it's a bit hard to believe that these songs were crafted only a year after Music for Airports was released. Either way, it's a great listen:

Read more over at Altered Zones and/or cop Science of the Sea over at Digitalis' Bandcamp page.