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607 ft. Big Dolla - "Block Monster" Video

Whoa. 607, Big Dolla and 75% of greater Little Rock went extra hard on this video. "Block Monster" is 607's second single off his name-your-price YIK3LIF3! LP, which dropped at the end of last year.

We can see cameos from Six' brother Bobby along with Pepperboy, Arkansas Bo, GK Skully, The Parker Brothers, Magic the Legend, Rod D, Ricky D, Young King, YK of Grim Muzik, D-Dirt, etc. *pant* It's clear that 607 was going for an A-state hood anthem here, and he damn sure achieved it. Wouldn't be surprised at all if this generated some serious web buzz in the coming weeks.

Here's Lord Six explaining what he's got going on and his big plans for Little Rock:

Stream YIK3LIF3! below:


PREMIERE: Pepperboy's The Classics: Remastered EP

Little Rock's Pepperboy has given AiMT an exclusive sneak peak of his The Classics: Remastered EP. Over the past year, Pepperboy has been releasing a ton of new material and older archived material. If you've checked out any of the older stuff, you'll recognize at least a few of the six songs making up The Classics. The particular songs on this release date back to 2010, so the EP is not as comprehensively retrospective as its title implies. The Classics is more of a platform for Pepperboy to do some sonic housekeeping on his recent back catalog.

The songs hold up well and are more on the raw lo-fi tip compared to his newer recordings. If anything it's a good reminder of how Pep's sound and resources have expanded so much in just a few years time.

Listen below or visit Pep's Bandcamp page for a download.


New Pepperboy album: Nite Time

It wasn't even four months ago that Little Rock's Pepperboy was kind enough to hit us with a free mini album featuring all new material and a Mishka-hosted mixtape, and today he's graced us with a brand new 15-track LP. (Yep, also free.) It's remarkable how Pep's career is 10 years deep, but we can still hear him developing as an artist month by month. Nite Time seems years progressed from Pep's aforementioned efforts, especially when you consider standout tracks like "Funeral," "Joined a Gang," and "Love My Life."


Listening Station 11: Reissues Edition

Listening Station is an AiMT feature dedicated to exploring full new retail release streams via Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc. You must have Spotify installed on your machine to play the Spotify streams (duh).

For this edition we have newly reissued (and/or newly unearthed) releases from Brian Eno, Michael Jackson, Strut Records, Pepperboy, Chrisma, Tunji Oyelana, King Street Sounds, and Zsa Zsa Laboum.

Streams after the jump.

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Pepperboy - "Deep"


Dreamy new Titanic-jacking Pepp as featured on Baku Shad-do's new compilation EP, Astral Shad​-​do​[​w]​: Exclusively for I Vacation in Your Hell:

Lots more Pepperboy here.

More Pepperboy: new Mishka mixtape and video

Pepperboy may very well be the busiest man in Arkansas this week. Yesterday he made his new album available for free through NY label Baku Shad-do. Today he's gracing us with the album's accompanying hour-long mixtape presented by Mishka along with a video for his album track "Felon."

P.T.S. Mixtape tracklist after the jump.

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Download/stream Pepperboy's new mini-album, Post-Traumatic Stress

Pepperboy's P.T.S.

Little Rock rapper Pepperboy has been making noise about his Post-Traumatic Stress mini-album for well over a month now, teasing us by re-posting its robust cover art several times daily on his personal Facebook account. The album finally dropped today as a free download through NY label Baku Shad-do.

If you've made some time to familiarize yourself with Pep's other recent free releases, all of which you can stream here, then P.T.S.'s eight somber tracks will immediately register as classic Pepperboy: bleak-but-hopeful tales told in a distinctive Southern drawl over a modern selection of ambient-leaning beats by folks like Clams Casino and Blue Sky Black Death. Stream and download the release below:

I confirmed with Pep earlier that Mishka will be putting out P.T.S.'s accompanying mixtape later today. It will feature Lil B, Alaska's Droski Boyz, and Pep's longtime collaborator Temolja.

Keyboard Kid & Pepperboy - "Stressin'"

New Pepperboy heat with Seattle's Keyboard Kid:

Check yesterday's Pepperboy post, which is loaded up with streams and free downloads.

Lots of free stuff by Little Rock rapper Pepperboy

I've been a bad Arkansas blogger. I claim to rep AR rap to the fullest. However, Fader, Mishka, Spin, and everyone else on earth seems to have beaten me to Little Rock's Pepperboy, a seasoned AR-bred rapper whose catalog goes back over ten years. . .

Pepperboy's notoriety hit a spike last year when Lil B used one of Pepperboy's beats on his Bitch Mob mixtape. One thing led to another, and now it's safe to say that Pepperboy's name is officially buzzing. It's good timing too because 2012 has been a very active year for him, and he's been kind enough to give away tons of tracks and full releases on his Bandcamp page.

New EP:

Newly released rarities collection spanning Pepperboy's entire 10-year career:

"My World," which uses Lil B's "I'm God" instrumental (produced by Clams Casino):

More after the jump.

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