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Gentle Daps XXII: DAPS DYNASTY 3 — Anniversary Special

Celebrating three years of Gentle Daps with this two-hour special.

  1. Book of Love - "Modigliani (Requiem Mass Version)" [Square Records, 1987]
  2. Romeo Void - "Going to Neon" [415 Records, 1984]
  3. Visage - "Whispers" [Polydor, 1982]
  4. Barclay James Harvest - "Echoes and Shadows" [Polydor, 1981]
  5. Workdub - "Caravan (Revisited)" [Music From Memory, 1992/2016]
  6. Carla Dal Forno - "Dry in the Rain" [Blackest Ever Black, 2016]
  7. Deuter - "Gothic Velvet (History, Church Atmosphere)" [Kuckuck Schallplatten, 1972]
  8. Focus - "Someone's Crying ... What!" [Polydor, 1975]
  9. A.C. Marias - "To Sleep" [Mute]
  10. Nico Niquo - "Rendered" [Orange Milk Records, 2017]
  11. David Behrman - "Unforeseen Events: Fishing for Complements" [Experimental Intermedia Foundation, 1991]
  12. Vito Ricci - "Dance Too" [Jat Mann Proguctions, 1996]
  13. Seahawks - "Missed" [Ocean Moon, 2016]
  14. Neotropic - "Train to Katoomba" [Ntone, 2001]
  15. Medwyn Goodall - "Magical Carpet" [New World Music, 1989]
  16. Meredith Monk & Collin Walcott - "Cow Song" [Minona Records, 1973]
  17. K. Leimer - "New Misfortunes" [Palace of Lights, 2016]
  18. David Casper - "Dream Journey" [Hummingbird Records, 1981]
  19. The System - "Pendy! You're in Some Awful Danger" [Music From Memory, 1983/2016]
  20. Bill Nelson - "Echo in Her Eyes" [PVC Records, 1982]
  21. Mrs Jynx - "Long Lost" [Central Processing Unit, 2013]
  22. Laurie Anderson - "Kokoku" [Warner Bros. Records, 1984]
  23. Joel Vandroogenbroeck - "Veridian Song" [Coloursound Library, 1980]
  24. Dennis Young - "Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali Desert)" [Bureau B, 198?/2016]
  25. Paul Haig - "Lagondola 1" [LTM, 1991]
  26. Caroline K - "Between The Spaces 2" [Blackest Ever Black, 1987/2016]
  27. Percival Pembroke - "Lanzarote" [Genot Centre, 2016]
  28. Jon & Vangelis - "And When the Night Comes" [Polydor, 1983]
  29. Nicola Alesini & Pier Luigi Andreoni - "The Valley of Pamir" [Materiali Sonori, 1998]
  30. Daniel Lanois - "Low Sudden" [Anti-, 2016]
  31. Wilson Tanner - "Keith" [Growing Bin Records, 2016]
  32. Julee Cruise - "Questions in a World of Blue" [Warner Bros. Records, 1993]

Gentle Daps XXI: Halloween Special

This years' Gentle Daps Halloween special features dreary, quiet obscuro, goth and film scores. It includes a couple of creepy crawly Legowelt classics, a spooky Bowie cover, a few first-wave 4AD ethereal pieces, and much more.

  1. Caroline K - "Animal Lattice" [Earthly Delights, 1987]
  2. Smackos - "Caravan of Dimensions" [Strange Life Records, 2006]
  3. Richard Band - "Slasher and Strangler" [Varèse Sarabande, 1980]
  4. Michael Stearns - "Dark Passage" [Sonic Atmospheres, 1986]
  5. Claudio Simonetti - "The Evil One" [RCA, 1985]
  6. Wolfgang Press - "Slow As a Child" [4AD, 1985]
  7. Fabio Frizzi - "Embers Eyes (Alternative Version)" [Beat Records Company, 1982]
  8. Dead Can Dance - "The Protagonist" [4AD, 1987]
  9. Alpha Wave Movement - "Gateway" [Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 1996]
  10. Franz Falckenhaus - "Surveillance in the Hotel Lobby" [Strange Life Records, 2006]
  11. Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey - "Bright Waves" [Cherry Red, 1981]
  12. Tuxedomoon - "An Unsigned Postcard" [LTM, 1991]
  13. John Harrison - "Until the Next Time... (End Title)" [Varèse Sarabande, 1982]
  14. Eyeless in Gaza - "Avenue With Trees" [Cherry Red, 1981]
  15. Blaine L. Reininger - "Sons of the Silent Age" [Les Disques du Crépuscule, 1982]
  16. The Legendary Pink Dots - "Premonition 4" [In Phaze Records, 1982]

Gentle Daps XIX: DAPS DYNASTY 2 — Anniversary Special

Gentle Daps returns to its roots in soft pop, soft prog, ethereal, and fusion with this two-year anniversary episode mixed by yours truly.

  1. Camel - "Tell Me" [Decca, 1977]
  2. Stanley Clarke - "Strange Weather" [Nemperor Records, 1979]
  3. John Foxx - "Harmonia Mundi" [Metamatic, 2005]
  4. Happy Rhodes - "Not for Me" [Aural Gratification, 198?]
  5. Robert Leiner - "Northern Dark" [Robert Leiner, 1994]
  6. Steps Ahead - "In a Sentimental Mood" [Elektra, 1986]
  7. Roger Eno - "At the Water's Edge" [Editions EG, 1985]
  8. Paul Winter - "Lullaby From the Great Mother Whale for the Baby Seal Pups" [Living Music, 1980]
  9. Crispy Ambulance - "Simon's Ghost" [Factory Benelux, 1982]
  10. Patrick O'Hearn - "Trust" [Deep Cave Records, 1995]
  11. Propaganda - "La Carne, la Morte e il Diavolo" [Virgin, 1990]
  12. Richard Bone - "Zone Five" [Quirkworks Laboratory, 1996]
  13. Eyeless in Gaza - "Still Air" [Cherry Red, 1981]
  14. Jean-Michel Jarre - "Equinoxe, Pt. 1" [Polydor, 1978]
  15. Hans-Joachim Roedelius - "Herdmaker" [Prudence, 2000]
  16. Japan - "The Tenant" [Ariola Hansa, 1978]
  17. Bernard Fevre - "Sunshine on March" [Musax, 1977]
  18. Mariah - "Shisen" [Shan-Shan Better Days, 1983]
  19. Sting - "Jellyfish Lake" [IMAX, 1995] . . . . . . . . .
  20. Rüdiger Lorenz - "Friendly Islands (Tonga)" [Syncord, 1984]
  21. The Durutti Column - "All That Love and Maths Can Do" [LTM, 1986]
  22. Jan Hammer Group - "Your Love" [Nemperor Records, 1977]
  23. System 7 - "Sirenes (Tranquility Mix)" [Butterfly Records, 1994]
  24. Michael Stearns - "On the Way" [Hearts of Space, 1988]
  25. The Chameleons - "I'll Remember" [Geffen Records, 1986]
  26. Peter Hammill - "Reprise" [Fie! Records, 1992]
  27. Rick Wakeman - "Sea Horses" [A&M Records, 1979]
  28. Edgar Froese - "Specific Gravity of Smile" [Virgin, 1983]
  29. Mike Oldfield - "First Excursion" [Virgin, 1975]
  30. Roedelius - "Brise" [Cicada Records, 1986]
  31. Domenique Dumont - "La Bataille de Neige" [Antinote, 2015]

Brian - "Lullaby"


Compton Chic - "Death of Me II"


Baby Armie - THUMP's Built for the Chill (The Lost Episode)

This is a mix I created for THUMP's Built for the Chill series about nine months ago. Unfortunately the series got canned due to SoundCloud takedowns right before this mix was scheduled to publish. It would have been pretty huge for a lowly small-town hobbyist DJ/blogger/podcaster like myself to have one of my mixes hosted by the VICE network. So I'm a bit bummed to share the mix in this manner, but I'm also happy to finally get it out there.

Thematically it's very much a mishmash of the a lot of the quieter, gentler mixes I've made for my podcast and other entities over the past few years: some vintage ambient, prog, new age, exotica, and soft pop alongside a few newer tracks. Do enjoy.

  1. Cults Percussion Ensemble - "Circles" [Highland Recording Studio, 1976]
  2. Björn Olsson - "Mellanspel" [Omplatten, 1999]
  3. Orcas - "Petrichor" [Morr Music, 2014]
  4. Weather Report - "Scarlet Woman" [Columbia, 1974]
  5. Vangelis Katsoulis - "Overdrive" [Utopia, 1988]
  6. Rodion G.A. - "Longing for Home" [Animafilm Studio, 1984]
  7. Korla Pandit - "Magnetic Theme" [Fantasy, 1962]
  8. Larry Heard - "Faint Object Detection" [Black Market International, 1996]
  9. Mark Barrott - "Back to the Sea" [International Feel, 2014]
  10. China Crisis - "Jean Walks in Fresh Fields" [Virgin Records, 1982]
  11. Fhloston Paradigm - "Tension Remains" [Hyperdub, 2014]
  12. David Bowie - "Subterraneans" [RCA Victor, 1977]
  13. Young Marco - "Out of Wind" [ESP Institute]
  14. Eric Serra - "Synchronised Instant" [Virgin Records, 1988]
  15. Biosphere - "Juno" [Biophon Records, 199?]
  16. Tak Shindo - "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" [Mercury, 1962]
  17. Francis Monkman - "Getting Ready" [Bruton Music, 1978]
  18. Eric Malmberg - "Verjaget" [Häpna, 2005]
  19. Lewis - "Thought the World of You" [R.A.W. Records, 1983]
  20. Jóhann Jóhannsson - "Bad" [Touch, 2002]

Gentle Daps XV: Guest Mix by Beat Bachs

Beat Bachs is a Fayetteville-based DJ and jack of all trades. He's been active in radio for 16 years and counting with a few different projects, namely the film industry talkshow The Drive-in Speakerbox. That show got its start as a spotlight on film scores (and still incorporates film score material between talk segments). Beat Bachs, who goes by The Boom Operator on the show, has been amassing a gigantic collection of scores over the past decade for the show. He was kind enough to pour over this entire archive and pick out the quietest, dreamiest pieces he could find for Gentle Daps XV.

For more of Beat Bachs' projects, check out Art Amiss, a local art collective of which he's the president.

  1. Brian Eno - "Track 10" [from Glitterbug, 1994]
  2. Andre Artemyev - "They Go Long" [from Stalker, 1979]
  3. Massive Attack - "P is for Piano" [from Danny the Dog, 2005]
  4. Michael Boddicker - "Penny's Theme" [from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, 1985]
  5. The Edge & Michael Brook - "Hiro's Theme" [from Captive, 1986]
  6. Paul Hertzog - "The Morning After" [from Bloodsport, 1988]
  7. Manuel de Sica - "Will I See Her Again?" [from Dellamorte Dellamore, 1994]
  8. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - "Romero and the President" [from Escape From New York, 1981]
  9. Brad Fiedel - "Dream Window" [from Fright Night, 1985]
  10. Roy Budd - "Hallucinations (Instrumental)" [from Get Carter, 1971]
  11. Jon Brion - "Cubes" [from I ♥ Huckabees, 2004]
  12. Giorgio Moroder - "Irena's Theme" [from Cat People, 1982]
  13. Jan Hammer - "Sunset" [from Beyond the Mind's Eye, 1992]
  14. Alan Silvestri - "Main Title" [from Romancing the Stone, 1984]
  15. Keith Forsey - "Love Theme" [from The Breakfast Club, 1985]
  16. David Newman - "Thank You San Dimas High" [from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, 1989]

Baby Armie Mix for International Tapes

I am stoked to be able to contribute this to the prolific International Tapes mix series. It is something of a primer for my Gentle Daps podcast, so that means plenty of vintage ambient, new age, hushed fusion and exotica with some modern stuff thrown in for good measure. Read my blurb on the mix and see the full track list over on the Intl Tapes blog.

From the Vaults #3: Guest Mix by DJ EJ

ANTS Podcast mostly works the "deep finds" angle, but the time has come for a healthy dose of hit worship with a guest episode from DJ EJ, a longtime Fayetteville music scene staple. He was a station manager at KXUA, where he hosted Wheels of Steel, a show that spotlit local DJs. The show ended a few years back but lives on in the form of a party series, which has become one of EJ's best known projects. He's currently the music director for Art Amiss, a local organization dedicated to art, fashion and music in Arkansas. Check out the compilations he's curated here.

I'm very happy to have him contribute this mix of unabashed soft rock essentials for FTV. He's calling this mix "Dad's Yacht Rock," and he was kind enough to share some thoughts on the direction he took:

"'Yacht rock,' a pejorative term coined by Dayton Daily News popular music critic Dave Larsen in 1990 to describe an upcoming Jimmy Buffett concert in Cincinnati, and popularized by the 2005 to 2010 Channel 101 online video series of the same name, refers to the soft rock, nautically themed smooth music format prevalent throughout the '70s and into the mid '80s. This mix explores its overlap with another made up '70s genre, 'dad rock,' a reference to the soft, romantic music your dad used to set the mood while trying to put the moves on your mom." — DJ EJ

  1. Christopher Cross – "Sailing" [Warner Bros. Records, 1979]
  2. Ambrosia – "Biggest Part Of Me" [Warner Bros. Records, 1980]
  3. Player – "Baby Come Back" [RSO, 1977]
  4. Bread – "Make It With You" [Elektra, 1970]
  5. Seals & Crofts – "Summer Breeze" [Warner Bros. Records, 1972]
  6. Neil Diamond – "Forever in Blue Jeans" [Columbia, 1978]
  7. Jan Hammer – "Crockett's Theme (Extended 12" Mix)" [MCA Records, 1986]
  8. Boz Scaggs – "Jojo" [Columbia, 1980]
  9. Michael McDonald – "I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)" [Warner Bros. Records, 1982]
  10. Toto – "Georgy Porgy" [Columbia, 1978]
  11. Little River Band – "Reminiscing" [Harvest, 1978]
  12. Deliverance – "Leaving L.A." [Columbia, 1979]
  13. Steely Dan – "Midnite Cruiser" [ABC Records, 1972]
  14. Gordon Lightfoot - "Sundown" [Reprise Records, 1974]
  15. Eagles – "One of These Nights" [Asylum Records, 1975]
  16. Pages – "If I Saw You Again" [Epic, 1978]
  17. Air Supply – "Lost in Love" [Arista, 1979]
  18. England Dan & John Ford Coley – "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" [Big Tree Records, 1976]
  19. Gerry Rafferty – "Right Down the Line" [United Artists Records, 1978]
  20. Climax Blues Band – "I Love You" [Warner Bros. Records, 1980]
  21. 10cc – "I'm Not in Love" [Mercury, 1975]
  22. Billy Joel – "Just the Way You Are" [Columbia, 1977]
  23. Loggins and Messina – "Sailin' the Wind" [Columbia, 1973]

Gentle Daps XIII: Guest Mix by Andras Fox

Up-and-coming Melbournian DJ/producer Andras Fox follows a busy release schedule of relaxed, skeletal disco-leaning dance tracks. He also dips into the occasional new age romp under his A.r.t. Wilson guise, which garnered him the #2 spot on AiMT's Best Albums of 2014 list with the Overworld cassette. When he's not touring Europe and South Asia, you can catch him hosting Strange Holiday, a weekly eclectic examination of leisurely musics. If you've heard Andras DJ on his radio show or elsewhere, you're likely aware of his affinity for unearthing deep finds, particularly ones native to Australia. That's precisely what he's offered up for this episode of Gentle Daps: impossibly rare guitar-centric soft pop, new age and synth-folk, all of which is 100% Aussie. Having been such a big fan of Andras' productions and mixes, I'm beyond stoked to have him contribute to the podcast. I can now happily cross Andras' name off my "Dream Daps Contributors" list. I'll be spending plenty of time with this one, and hopefully you'll do the same.

You can catch Andras being covered by indie media giants Vice, Stereogum and Resident Advisor, and you can hear more of his mixes on Boiler Room, Bleep, RBMA and countless others.

  1. Robert Welsh - "Song of the Reed"
  2. Gary Atkins - "Jenny"
  3. Don Burrows - "Forest Theme"
  4. Kevin Peek - "Sailplane"
  5. Richard Lockwood - "In the Doorway of the Dawn"
  6. Peter Martin & Finch - "D 13"
  7. Tully - "I Feel the Sun" (Excerpt)
  8. Dan Loneway - "With Her"
  9. Errol H Tout - "The Return of the Cold"
  10. John Sangster - "First Light"
  11. Ros Bandt - "Drums & Pipes"
  12. Tully - "Syndrone"
  13. Robert Welsh - "Desert Chant"