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Beat Bachs' Halloween Dance Party

Attention, locals. In case you haven't gotten the memo yet, Beat Bachs' annual Halloween party is happening this Friday, October 30th. Click to RSVP.

In other Halloween-related news, I belong to The Hairy Smiths, a secret mixtape society of sharebros. This club has turned out some fresh-to-death Halloween mixes in the past few days: one by Beat Bachs and one by Blind Derek Jenkins, both of which are essential Halloween party paraphernalia.

The Genevan Heathen - "Dance or Die" [dir. by Mattfoley]

Krazy Baldhead - "Ghostbusters" [Disco Workout]

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Genevan Heathen [ft. Chaz Jankel] - "Number One" Video

Sadly, Genevan's epic Sensitive Summer interview series came to an end last Friday. (Check my interview here.) But have no fear—it seems our Swiss pal has another a new back-to-school-themed series up his sleeve, and here's another LOL-encrusted Mattfoley video to kick it off. NSFW:

Check My Interview on Genevan Heathen's Sensitive Summer

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Check My Interview on Genevan Heathen's Sensitive Summer

Genevan Heathen's Exclusive Beach Interview With Baby Armie
Click for interview!

It's a great honor to be interviewed alongside such big timers as Teki Latex, Paul Devro and Tacteel (not to mention a wealth of household name music bloggers). The Genevan Heathen has been interviewing new people every weekday over at his blog, and he'll continue doing so for the remainder of the summer for his Sensitive Summer series.

Check my interview here, and if you haven't spent much time on Genevan's blog, please go there and click around. You won't be disappointed.

BONUS: Genevan Heathen [ft. L.E.D.] - "On the Beach" [dir. by Mattfoley]

P.S. Go get your official Geneven beach towel here and check out his new mix with DJ Raze here.

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The Genevan Heathen - "Baby" [prod. by Mattfoley]