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The Loose Control Band - "Theme in E♭"

Throne of Blood's Moon Rock series returns on November 10. Catch my Roots of Moon Rock ambient primer for the Throne of Blood podcast.


Baby Armie - TOB Podcast 038: Roots of Moon Rock

Check this two-hour primer on ambient music I made for Brooklyn-based dance label Throne of Blood. It's a counterpart to their new ambient series, Moon Rock, which features ambient contributions by mostly non-ambient artists. Confoundingly enough, dance icons Jokers on the Scene and Simian Mobile Disco even contributed ambient tracks. That should give you an idea of how disorienting and unexpected this compilation is. But the results deliver. Each contributor sounds right at home with this sound, and the compilation may just end up being one of the better ambient listens of this year.

For this Roots of Moon Rock podcast, my aim was to cover the gamut of influences that make up Moon Rock: Eno-era ambient, German kosmische, '90s IDM, new age, and more. It will serve as a pretty good introduction to ambient, since many of the genre's household names can be found here as well as a number of lesser known artists. There's also plenty of ambient songs by artists not particularly known for ambient work: Carl Craig (as BFC), Kenny Larkin, Move D, Kraftwerk, etc.

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Pleasure Planet - "6 AM ATM"