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Best Dance Songs of 2012

This list concludes AiMT 2012. Here are 46 of the 50 entries in a Spotify playlist. (I included an additional bottom four entries not mentioned here just to get it up to an even 50.) It's been real. Now to get caught up on the first few weeks of 2013 releases.

For the bottom 25, I've included streams linked in the entry numbers. SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc. (No Spotify, as to not piss off Canadians.) A few are just preview clips, but most of them are full streams.

#50  ARP 101 ft. Elliott Yorke - "Electric Lemonade" [Donky Pitch]
#49  Om Unit - "Ulysses" [Civil]
#48  Tom Trago - "Rise Up" [Rush Hour]
#47  Marco Bernardi - "La Montagne de Reves" [Royal Oak]
#46  Tame Impala - "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Memory Tapes Remix)" [Modular]
#45  Michael Mayer ft. Jeppe Kjellberg - "Good Times (Smartphone Version)" [Kompakt]
#44  The Hundred in the Hands - "Keep It Low (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix)" [Warp]
#43  Fashen - "Dunce" [Fool's Gold]
#42  My Nu Leng - "Damp (Last Japan Remix)" [Lo Note]
#41  Onra - "Somewhere (Deep in the Night)" [Fool's Gold]
#40  Anna Lunoe ft. Touch Sensitive - "Real Talk" [Future Classic]
#39  Yes Wizard - "Aya Dance" [Tigersushi]
#38  Fantastic Mr Fox - "Sketches (SBTRKT Remix)" [Black Acre]
#37  DVA ft. Fatima - "Just Vybe" [Hyperdub]
#36  Javeon McCarthy - "Precious (Brenmar Remix)" [S/R]
#35  Boo Williams - "Moving Rivers" [Rush Hour]
#34  Surkin ft. Todd Edwards - "Mightly Love" [Sound Pellegrino]
#33  Mark E - "Oranges" [Spectral]
#32  Auntie Flo - "Highlife (SOPHIE Remix)" [Huntleys & Palmers]
#31  Fantastic Mr Fox ft. Alby Daniels - "Pascal's Chorus" [Black Acre]
#30  Lone - "Lying in the Reeds" [R&S]
#29  XXXChange - "Backbeat" [Kitsuné]
#28  The 2 Bears - "Be Strong (Ratcliffe Lil Whistle Remix)" [DFA]
#27  Reset! - "Don't Let the System Control You (Summer of Love Mix)" [Cheap Thrills]
#26  Reggie Dokes - "Funk Below" [Cinematic]

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