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Best Electronic Albums of 2015

2015 lacked albums that proclaimed themselves "Album of the Year" with any real authority or gusto, but it made up for it with many, many very good albums. Not too many achieved excellence or were era-defining, but there was still plenty of worthwhile listening. Here's a look back:

  1. Oneohtrix Point Never - Garden of Delete [Warp Records]
  2. Visionist - Safe [PAN]
  3. Jlin - Dark Energy [Planet Mu]
  4. Vaghe Stelle - Abstract Speed + Sounds [Other People]
  5. Elysia Crampton - American Drift [Blueberry Records]
  6. d'Eon - Foxconn / Trios [Knives]
  7. Mark McGuire - Beyong Belief [Dead Oceans]
  8. The Phantom - LP2 [Silverback Recordings]
  9. Akasha System - Sea Glass [S/R]
  10. White Poppy - Natural Phenomena [Not Not Fun]
  11. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Euclid [Western Vinyl]
  12. Taragana Pyjarama - Ariel [True Panther Sounds]
  13. Jam City - Dream a Garden [Night Slugs]
  14. Scientific Dreamz of U & Junior Loves - The Dreamcode [1080p]
  15. CFCF - Radiance & Submission [Driftless Recordings]
  16. Holly Herndon - Platform [RVNG Intl.]
  17. Acronym - June [Northern Electronics]
  18. V/A - Cargaa Series [Warp Records]
  19. Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous [PAN]
  20. Brian - Paths We Take [S/T]
  21. Iglew - Urban Myth [Gobstopper Records]
  22. Slackk - Backwards Light [R&S]
  23. Nico Niquo - Epitaph [Orange Milk Records]
  24. Nidia Minaj - Danger [Principe Discos]
  25. Hunee - Hunch Music [Rush Hour Recordings]

Visionist - "Tired Tears, Awake Fears"


Fantastic Mr Fox ft. Kid A - "You-Turn (Visionist Remix)"


ANTS Podcast #032: Glowworm Grime

It's been two and a half years since ANTS offered up an all-grime episode. The decade-old UK music form has dazzled in 2014, so the time has come to examine it once again. The focus this time is "grimegaze," the synth-heavy, melodic strain of grime championed by Dark0 but also practiced by many of the genre's most visible figures. Drawing influences from JRPG soundtracks, ambient and the current reemergence of beat-driven downtempo, these ethereal tracks are breathing new life into grime at a time when many may have predicted its stagnation.

  1. Moleskin - "Slow Dancing With Ms Haversham to Moments in Love in Satis House" [Keysound Recordings]
  2. Visionist - "Acceptance" [Lit City Trax] ab cd ef gh ij kl mn op qr st uv
  3. Kirk Spencer ft. Celestial Trax - "Rain Drift" [Strangerzoo]
  4. Last Japan - "Crystal Tokyo" [Circadian Rhythms]
  5. Dark0 - "Amethyst" [Gobstopper Records]
  6. Shriekin - "Steel Ships" [Local Action Records]
  7. JT the Goon - "Twin Warriors" [Oil Gang]
  8. Slackk - "Hesitate" [Local Action Records]
  9. Chemist - "Blocks (Last Japan's 'Still Kold' Remix)" [Coyote Records]
  10. Strict Face - "New Moonlight" [Tuff Wax Records]
  11. Logos - "Night Flight" [Keysound Recordings]