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The State of Local CD Street Sales with Epiphany and Sean Fresh

Little Rock MC Epiphany and R&B crooner Sean Fresh just launched the I Am the Life blog, which maily deals with celebrity-circuit gossip and commentary but also dips into local matters. This slightly NSFW video finds the two of them in downtown Little Rock examining the state of recession-era local CD hustlin':

Quote of the day:

"I NEED you to buy my CD for like five dollars." - Sean Fresh

In other news, Epiphany has been floating me some of this flips and original tracks lately, so I thought I'd throw them in a zip file for easier consumption. The following joints are included (all NSFW):

• Epiphany [ft. Scotty Su] - "The Come Up"
• Epiphany - "Still 5 on It" [Flip of "I Got 5 on It" by Luniz]
Paul Wall [ft. Webbie & Epiphany] - "Bizzy Body (Remix)"

Download the Zip [Direct]

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