Baby Armiephoto by Chris Clanton
I'm Baby Armie, and I have lost my damn mind. I will play your gig FOR FREE as long as your event is outside the state of Arkansas. You read that correctly. Email me if you're interested, and title the email's subject as "BABY ARMIE FREE." Basically I stay tethered to my own region, and I'm feenin' for some out-of-state action. There are a couple of stipulations you'll need to consider: First, if you book me, you will be expected to pay for lodging and transportation costs along with at least two meals. (So yeah, technically it wouldn't be FREE free, but take solace in knowing that I wouldn't profit financially off your event.) If your event is a reasonable distance away, I may be willing to drive, but I'll consider this on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise you'd need to fly me out. I'm willing to work with you to keep costs as low as possible. Secondly, I reserve the right to decline any offers according to my own preferences. If you ask me to play your wedding, chances are I'll turn you down. But if you're planning a party or other event that somehow resonates with my own interests, chances are I'll take you up on it.

If you like what you read/hear on AiMT and the ANTS Podcast, then you can expect similar good times with my live DJ sets. I don't have a particular niche—I have made a name for myself as an obnoxiously eclectic DJ. I've been known to throw down Balearic disco, clubstep, electro-house, vintage Bollywood, chillwave, brostep, NOLA bounce, you name it. I tend to play to the occasion, so just give me plenty of info on your event, and I'll do you right.

Baby Armie key selling points:
  • AiMT, my blog (which you're currently visiting), gets mad traffic! In its heyday, it clocked in at over 1,000 hits per day.
  • A silly mashup I made has accumulated over 2.5 million streams, mostly on YouTube (thanks to a mean uploader who didn't credit me). It has been remixed many times over and subjected to fan videos.
  • I've gotten spins on BBC Radio 1 (as Luminfire).
  • Years back I was written up in URB Magazine.
To check out original mash-ups, mixes, podcasts, and gig info, check out the Baby Armie tag here on AiMT.