Gentle Daps celebrates its one-year anniversary with DAPS DYNASTY, a two-hour special. To get a 320 kbps MP3, please complete one of the following tasks:
  1. Repost the stream on SoundCloud, then I will message the link to your account.

  2. Retweet this tweet and follow @antsinmytrance on Twitter, then I will DM you the link.

  3. If you're embarrassed by your love of the elevator vibes of Gentle Daps (or if you just don't feel like spamming your friends on social media), send me an email and tell me a little bit about how you discovered the series, and I will reply with the link. Are you a first-time listener? Die hard listener? Constructive feedback (and/or blatant flattery) is encouraged! Make sure "Dynasty Download" is the title of your email.